About us

As a family owned and managed company we have been producing bare boards at our factory in Krefeld in the lower Rhine region for 35 years. What began in the basement of a discotheque is now a highly technical production plant, currently employing 75 people.

We draw on our long years of experience and knowledge to manufacture circuit boards of the highest quality.

Circuit boards, also known as plates or printed circuits, are found in almost all electrical appliances and modules. Their conductor paths facilitate electrical connections between components. From LED lamps to refrigerators to sophisticated safety engineering – our circuit boards are the basis of the most diverse electronic components.

Our product range includes one and double-sided circuit boards, multilayers with up to 24 layers, as well as semi-flexible plates. Among our customers are large manufacturers of wind energy plants, as well as medium-sized industrial companies and smaller engineering firms. We plan each order with precision and reliability regardless of whether it is a large series or the creation of a prototype.

High technical and automated standards, as well as consistent production supervision ensure the stable quality of our circuit boards.

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