We bore, rout and score your circuit boards according to your data and wishes.
The mechanical processing method is dependent on your individual specifications, the order size and your data. We work with modern, fully automatic CNC drilling and routing machines.

Scoring (V-routing)
The mechanical technique with the least material wastage when processing rectangular plates or boards, and straight outer contours is the so-called curb routing or scoring.

The circuit boards are positioned above and below a respective scoring tool. CNC driven, a depth-defined groove is routed into the material leaving a fixed tab or a predetermined breaking point. The board can be separated manually or with a panel separator along this furrow immediately, or after further processing, e.g. mounting.

The advantage: no space is needed for a routing machine, therefore the circuit boards can be laid at “0-distance” so that scoring is a cost-effective alternative for large volume orders.

Contour Routing
As an alternative to scoring, MicroCirtec offers contour routing. The advantage over scoring is that outer contours can be processed in special ways, for instance, round, oval, waved, zigzag, etc. The following should be noted:

  • If PCBs are ordered as panalized by routing, a space of 2,0mm within the bare board is usually sufficient to place fixing tabs between the individual plates.
  • If the order is placed as single board, a space of min. 8,0mm between plates must be allowed in order to separate the individual circuit boards.

Mixed variations of both mechanical finishing methods are also usual. We are happy to advise you as to which method is best for you.

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