In contrast to one- and double-sided circuit boards, multilayer boards have additional internal layers. These are made of copper foil, prepregs and fine copper-clad laminates. Through-bonding connects the layers enabling greater, and denser circuit structures over several levels. Both micro vias (drillings with minute diameters) as well as blind-via drillings are possible.

Microcirtec manufactures multilayers with up to 24 layers. Their stack-up depends on the number of layers and how they are connected to each other. The combination possibilities here are practically unlimited as you can choose from a numerous number of prepregs (fibre-glass mats impregnated with phenolic resin) and cores to suit your requirements. It is, therefore, impossible here to describe all layer stack-ups with their endless design possibilities.

Some of the most frequently used stack-ups (standard stack-ups), as well as some specially constructed stack-ups can be found on the right in PDF downloads. All other stack-ups are always available through our technical support.


  • mehrlagig bis 24 Lagen


  • FR4 TG 135°-140° (Standard)
  • FR4 CTI 175-249 (Standard)
  • FR4 TG 150°
  • FR4 CTI 400
  • FR4 CTI 500
  • FR4 CTI 600
  • FR4 halogenfrei
  • FR4 CAF-beständig
  • CEM1
  • CEM3


  • 0,5 mm bis 3,2 mm


  • Heissluftverzinnt bleifrei (HAL bleifrei)
  • Chemisch Nickel-Gold (NiAu oder ENIG)
  • Chemisch Zinn (Chem.Sn)
  • Chemisch Silber (Chem.Ag)
  • Galvanische Hart-/Steckervergoldung
  • OSP (Organic Surface Protection)


  • Endkupferstärke 18 µ bis 140 µ
  • Endkupferstärke ca. 20 -25 µ in den Durchkontaktierungen (Standard)
  • Endkupferstärke > 25 µ in den Durchkontaktierungen (nach IPC A600 Klasse 3)


  • grün (Standard)
  • weiß
  • schwarz
  • rot
  • blau

Kleinster Bohr-Enddurchmesser

  • 0,10 mm

Kleinste Struktur (Leiterbahn- / Isolationsbreite)

  • ≥ 75 µ


  • Fräsen/Tiefenfräsen
  • Ritzen
  • Fasen


  • Kennzeichnungsdruck (einseitig, beidseitig)
  • Via-Plugging
  • Carbon
  • Abziehlack
  • Captonband
  • Flexlack

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