Made in Germany

Our circuit boards are manufactured exclusively in Germany.
It’s a matter of conviction!

Our philosophy as a service provider is to offer our customers in the electronic field the best possible quality at the best possible price with the best possible delivery dates.

To produce highest quality products economically, Germany is the best choice for us.

Why? All departments are under one roof: there are no detours – work preparation or CAM department, technical sales and distribution, manufacture and delivery, all cooperate hand in hand, directly and swiftly.

This is why Microcirtec is able to react so quickly and with great flexibility to all of your wishes and requirements.

And because that functions just as smoothly as we expect it to, the number of complaints we receive is, in fact, negligible.

Having a German location means we are able to have exchanges with customers at short notice, and maintain an active flow of information without time differences or language barriers.

Our requirement is to tap the full potential of the most modern technology for our production process which, in our opinion, is only possible in Germany. This has proved to be correct for some 35 years now.

Optimal location

Our production location in Krefeld is in North-Rhine Westphalia, a State in the west of the Federal Republic of Germany. The city of Krefeld in the lower Rhine area is part of the metropolitan Rhine-Ruhr region, and is approximately 40 kilometres from Dusseldorf, the region’s capitol. The road and rail infrastructure in Germany’s largest metropolitan area is, in every respect, optimal and is not only advantageous for the delivery of our products, but also means that we are easily accessible from all directions for employees, suppliers and customers.

Your advantages at a glance:

Reliable quality

Fair prices

Timely delivery

Personal accessibility

Competent contact persons

Individual technical advice

Short delivery routes

Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan region

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