Quality and the environment

It is important for us that our innovative products satisfy your needs and quality demands.

As a traditional company we are particularly proud to produce our entire product range in Germany. At our state-of-the-art plant we can manufacture daily up to 2,000 panels for any variety of requirements. Whether one or double-sided, semi-flexible plates or multi-layers, we supply boards of consistently high quality. Special checks and tests during the production procedure constantly ensure and control the perfect condition of our products.

Sustainability and environmental protection are proven elements of our company policy. As a matter of course we meet all national and international regulations. We utilise only recyclable materials and always aim to reduce the amount of resources. This includes careful use of energy and chemical substances, as well as emission reduction.

Thanks to our quality management system we naturally also meet the UL® standards, as well as the RoHs regulations, and we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Regular audits, also by customers, confirm the safety and dependability of our procedural structures.

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