Your satisfaction is our goal. Our work is, therefore, exact and dependable. We also place great importance on prompt execution of all orders. The high standard of technical and automated production enables a swift transference of your data to the final product. We have optimised the complex and multilayer production process of different chemical, photo-technical and mechanical steps in the manufacture of circuit boards to such a degree that we have achieved the correct level of flexibility to efficiently meet the most varied needs and requirements. Thanks to ongoing investment in new equipment and technologies we have achieved a stable production process which is ensured by means of our High-Quality standards. Furthermore, insight gained through communicating with you is a significant element in the preparation to transfer your data into the perfect product.

At our 25,000 sq.metre company site we achieve a monthly nominal production capacity of:


einseitige Leiterplatten


durchkontaktierten Leiterplatten




semi-flexible circuit boards

A view of our production plant

Inbetriebnahme Ritz-(Kerbfräs)-Zentrums

Leiterbildbelichtung Teil 1-3

Bohren und Fräsen der Leiterplatten mit der neuen CNC-Maschine

Wie werden Leiterplatten entgratet?

Leiterplatten zu mehrlagigen Multilayern verpressen

Vorbereitung für das Bohren von Leiterplatten- bzw. Multilayer-Nutzen (II)

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